The bathroom is a unique room in every home. Private, own, providing comfort and relaxation, but also having an important utility role. In order to combine all these functions, the bathroom must be tastefully furnished, but also in a practical, ergonomic way. The combination of classic bathroom furniture such as a mirror cabinet or a mirror with shelves with storage furniture such as bathroom shelves and bathroom cabinets is the key to success. The colors and dimensions of the furniture are also important. White bathroom furniture will provide “lightness” to the whole interior, while wooden bathroom furniture will give it an exotic character. Narrow cabinets that will not take up much space will work well in smaller interiors.

Bali 80 bathroom furniture set

Sink cabinet, 80 cm (Bali-821)

Low bathroom cabinet Bali (Bali-810)

Tall bathroom cabinet Bali (Bali-800)

Classic Oak 80 bathroom furniture set

Bathroom mirror 60 cm (Classic Oak - 840)

Sink cabinet, 60 cm (Classic Oak - 820)

Upper bathroom cabinet (Classic Oak - 830)