In order to be ready for the challenges posed by everyday life, we must first of all be well rested and refreshed. This will be ensured by a properly furnished and decorated bedroom. This room must be both cozy and functional, which is why the right choice of bedroom furniture is so important. A comfortable bed with a headboard is of course the basis, as well as comfortable and matching bedside tables, which always have a place for a book and an alarm clock. You should also think about choosing a bedroom wardrobe and a bedroom chest of drawers that will provide a sufficient amount of space to store everything necessary. Stylish bedroom furniture is a perfect match for Scandinavian, modern and minimalist interiors.

Sienna 160 bed with a frame

Tiffany bed 160x200

Ines 160x200 bed with drawers

Malmo bed 160x200

Melissa bedside table

Nightstand Nako 3S

Sweden chest of drawers 125 cm

Tokyo low chest of drawers 160cm

Home office

Have you managed to find some space for a home office in your living room? Or maybe you have a separate room where you work remotely? Regardless of the option chosen, the key issues remain the same – ergonomics, comfort and space for storing and storing everything that may be needed in a home office. A practical and space-saving desk will be useful in every interior. Folding desks, corner desks, computer desks – there is a lot to choose from! For this, you should definitely choose racks and shelves that will accommodate documents and office items. A well-furnished home office will be complemented by a comfortable office armchair or computer armchair.

PACO desk 1

Hide folding desk

Standing Shelf Space Horizontal / Vertical

Bookcase Global 14 80 cm

Bookcase Sven (SVN-07)

Global 04 chest of drawers 160 cm


TV Cabinets

Cabinets and shelves are so “everyday” furniture that we often forget about their existence. Can anyone imagine a flat without them? They have many uses and can significantly increase the visual value of the room. Check how you can use cabinets and shelves in an interesting and effective way so that they serve you in the best possible way!

One of the very popular models of cabinets and shelves is Lars. Lars is a whole set of furniture, but its style and form are so universal that its individual elements can be easily arranged into an already decorated room. Where will they do? The Lars hanging shelf will be perfect for the living room or bedroom. We can put decorations, flowers on it or display an interesting collection of books or CDs. In addition to two open recesses, the Lars shelf also has a segment closed with a door, where less representative items can find their place.






Best 100

Best 200

Best 140

Everest 140

Sweden 1

Sweden 2


The bathroom is a unique room in every home. Private, own, providing comfort and relaxation, but also having an important utility role. In order to combine all these functions, the bathroom must be tastefully furnished, but also in a practical, ergonomic way. The combination of classic bathroom furniture such as a mirror cabinet or a mirror with shelves with storage furniture such as bathroom shelves and bathroom cabinets is the key to success. The colors and dimensions of the furniture are also important. White bathroom furniture will provide “lightness” to the whole interior, while wooden bathroom furniture will give it an exotic character. Narrow cabinets that will not take up much space will work well in smaller interiors.

Bali 80 bathroom furniture set

Sink cabinet, 80 cm (Bali-821)

Low bathroom cabinet Bali (Bali-810)

Tall bathroom cabinet Bali (Bali-800)

Classic Oak 80 bathroom furniture set

Bathroom mirror 60 cm (Classic Oak - 840)

Sink cabinet, 60 cm (Classic Oak - 820)

Upper bathroom cabinet (Classic Oak - 830)